Audi R8 Exhaust System Upgrade

To ensure auto producers meet the expectations of the mainstream buyer, most of today’s cars leave the factory with low acceleration, ultra-quiet exhaust systems. Because of this, exhaust flow (along with power and torque) is limited. But our efficiency exhaust systems release this stranglehold on your engine. By using trademarked technology to enhance exhaust flow velocity, our exhaust systems release the power and improve your car’s performance. Read today about Audi R8 Exhaust

Sport Exhaust Systems:

In addition, you will get a non-raspy special euro exhaust note. And whereas stock exhaust systems usually discolor and lose their showroom appearance very quickly, our systems add fine motorsport styling to your car, created to survive years of heavy use. Accurate production using aircraft-quality T-304 stainless steel avoids corrosion and keeps your exhaust system looking brand new. Each system consists of a number of trademark engineering improvements. Including ultra-smooth mandrel bends for maximum power and flow.

If you’re thinking about modifying your Audi R8 for better performance, the exhaust system should be the starting point. An ideal sport exhaust provides more power for the money than any other modification you can look at. Plus, a sport exhaust makes your vehicle sound much better. Generally, both horsepower and mileage increase when you upgrade the exhaust.

Note: Failure to alter the exhaust prior to making other performance alterations can hurt efficiency. Some cam and chip improvements just do not work effectively without upgrading the exhaust system.

The cast iron dual outlet manifold lasts and is less noisy than a tubular header. Generally, your stock cast iron exhaust manifold or a cast euro-manifold offers superb results when combined with a Techtonics Tuned downpipe or euro-downpipe and sport exhaust system. (The exceptions to this are the ’82 & up Scirocco, ’83-’84 GTI/GLI single outlet manifolds. ) The real difference in power output between the stock or euro-manifold/Techtonics Tuned downpipe combination and the best headers is minor.

Techtonics Tuning includes a downpipe to get used on the early VW’s with stock catalytic converters. A direct exchange on early vehicles with a stock dual-outlet manifold or vehicles which have been built-in with the dual outlet manifold, this downpipe will “keep you legal” however, adding about 8% more horsepower to a stock engine. Another thing to think about: Because of the rocking motion of a transversely installed engine, it’s hard to make a header that will hold up well. Tubular headers just don’t last for most folks.

BBM is very glad to offer you Techtonics Tuned Exhaust for the Audi R8. This product does not make as much “advertised” performance as our rivals claim theirs does. But, in terms of “real” dyno tested power, Techtonics Tuning systems have the rivals marking their words.

Another advantage of the TECHTONICS TUNED exhaust is that every part of the system is available separately. How can they fit? With over 19 years of refinement, TT systems fit far better than the competitions. All models have a resonator, as well as a muffler, to reduce harsh sound levels.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems:

Simply the perfect fitting and long-lasting exhaust system designed for your Audi R8. With more than two decades of processing and upgrading, we are going to offer a * Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all stainless steel cat-back exhaust systems. Our most recent systems are produced from 304 stainless steel. This includes muffler, resonator, clamps, and tubing. Best for “salt belt” inhabitants. No one offers the options that TT features. You can select the sound level when you purchase the system with 0, 1, or 2 resonators.

Long lurking in the shadow of two German luxury automobile leaders, Audi has gently been getting ground as sales of Mercedes autos continuously lag. In the next few years, Audi will probably exceed Mercedes and sneak up right behind BMW. These are heady times for Audi, but they are not too long taken off the time when critics called the cars “warmed-over” Volkswagens. Time is changing, and automobile fans understand it. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best selling gadgets for the Audi lovers!

Audi R8 Exhaust System

1. Custom Back Lights. Altezza [or Euro] tail lights carry on and remain popular with the upgraded crowd. On older model Audis, such as 90 and 200, these parts look the perfect as recent models reflect the latest design standards.

2. Car Covers. Ask any who owns a classic Audi how they retain their vehicle’s appearance, and they’ll tell you: wash, wax, and cover. Yes, it’s true, washing and waxing only are not enough. Maintaining your car’s paint secured can only be fully achieved by covering it with a custom-fitted auto cover — the more layers, the better as well for maximum safety.

3. Hood Protector. Many refer to them as car bras, while some call them hood covers. Regardless, you can guard your grille and give your car a unique look with a custom-fitted car cover. Choose only those who are long-lasting and made for the exact Audi model you own.

4. Wheel Protectors. There is not a whole lot that is worse than a pair of dirty wheels on an otherwise perfect looking car. It kind of reminds you of the handsome person wearing a costly Ralph Lauren button-down shirt that’s been yellowed by underarm stains! Wheel protectors will keep your tires looking excellent and keep your wheels looking vivid.

5. Performance Chips. Who says you should be pleased with your horsepower? A performance chip can help your motor run soft and more efficiently without extracting from fuel economy. A popular upgraded part searched by car owners everywhere.

6. Performance Exhaust. Borla and other manufacturers have produced replacement exhaust systems that will help your vehicle generate more power, achieve greater torque, and improve your fuel economy. These stainless steel components are made of the same material that builds airliners, so you know they have to be tough. A wonderful bonus is the one million mile guarantee you get with the system!

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